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Main Technical Measures For Locust Control
2020/2/1 20:40:02

How can locust be controlled? What insecticide kills locusts?

1.Biological Control Technology:

Mainly occurred in low and medium density area (density of migratory locusts below 5 heads/m2 and locusts density below 20 heads/m2) and ecologically sensitive areas (including lake and reservoir, water source conservation areas, nature reserves and other areas where the use of chemical pesticides is prohibited or restricted), microbial pesticides control such as Nosema Locusta and Metarhizium Anisopliae are preferentially used for prevention and treatment, and matrine and azadirachtin-based pesticides should be used reasonably. Ecologically sensitive areas can reduce control indicators and adopt biological control measures before the third instar period. If necessary, establish an isolation zone around the perimeter to block off pesticides.


2.Chemical Control Technology:

Mainly adopted in high-density occurrence areas (density of migratory locusts above 5 heads/m2, and density of locusts above 20 heads/m2), the chemical emergency control should be taken. Pesticides such as Malathion, Beta-cypermethrin+Malathion, Abamectin+Triazophos, and Imidacloprid etc. can be selected.



In areas with a contiguous area of more than 500 hectares, it is advocated to carry out aircraft prevention and control. GPS aircraft navigation precision application technology and aviation spraying operation monitoring and metering system are promoted to monitor the operation quality and ensure the control effect.


In areas with a contiguous area of less than 500 hectares, specialized plant protection control can be organized with using large-scale application devices for control. Focus on the promotion of the ultra-low capacity spray technology. In high-stalk crop fields such as reeds, sugar cane, and corn, as well as in areas where the environment is complicated, the promotion of fog machine control should be promoted in the early morning or evening.


In chemical prevention and control, stripe application should be considered, and a reasonable refuge area for biological natural enemies should be reserved.


Based on the above main technical measures for locust control, our company have the following products for further recommendation and supply:


Malathion 960 g/L ULV 

Fenitrothion 960 g/L ULV

Beta-cypermethrin 4.5% EC

Abamectin +Triazophos 20% EC

Malathion+ Beta-cypermethrin 20% EC

Matrine 1% SL

Azadirachtin 0.3% EC


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