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Calcium Nitrate
2020/2/13 12:43:09

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium is an essential secondary nutrient in the plants. Enough calcium nutrient is important for the crops to aim at the strong cell walls, long shelf life and high uptake speed of other nutrients, especially critical for exported fruits and vegetables that need to reach their destination in good form!


How does Calcium work in the crops? Calcium is deposited as calcium pectin in the cell walls to enhance cell wall strength and elasticity so that fruits peel cracking can be reduced.


When low level of calcium in root tissue, the root cell division slow down and the cell membranes become leaky. Without root cell division, other nutrients like phosphorous and zinc uptake speed slow down. Without strength cell membranes, the shelf life of crops are shorted and the diseases incidence maybe higher.


To sum up, we must pay attention to the calcium supplement at critical growth stage of fruits and vegetables. Calcium Nitrate containing 15%N and 26% CaO is a good choice for calcium supplement. Calcium Nitrate added Mg, B and Zn (Yellow CN) which is made from Shenzhen King Quenson Industry Group also provide micronutrients for crops to achieve high yield and quality. Here are some pictures of our Calcium Nitrate showed below.

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