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Citrus red spider green ecological control program
2019/3/27 9:57:53

Citrus red spider is a common fruit tree mites pest. The control of red spider on citrus has always been the most problematic problem for fruit growers. It is harmful and resistant. The key point is "it is getting harder to beat and more serious."

Harmful feature:

The larvae of larvae, nymphs, stalks, twigs, young fruits, flower buds, etc. are harmed; the affected parts are chlorotic, then grayish white spots, the leaves lose their luster, causing leaves, falling flowers and falling fruits, and the shoots die.


(1) Biological control: 

protect natural enemies, comprehensive prevention and control, and rational use of drugs. The predators, ladybugs, grasshoppers and other natural enemies are released; the grass eggs are released once a year, 1000 capsules per plant, and once sprayed, the occurrence and harm of red spiders can be effectively controlled.


(2) Green, ecological and biochemical control program:

①Prevention: Spring and Autumn are the key prevention periods for citrus red spiders. It is recommended to use biological pesticides such as abamectin, matrine, and plant essential oils for prevention. Other environmentally friendly pesticides such as mineral oil have good preventive effects. And low resistance and environmental friendliness.


②Preventive treatment: In the early stage of red spider damage, the red spider should be treated in time for 2~3 heads on each citrus leaf. At this time, the biological pesticides in the prevention period can still be used for prevention and control, and the natural enemy prevention and control, such as predatory cockroaches, can be integrated. Green and environmental protection; at the same time, supplement nutrition to strengthen the tree and control the scale of pests in a timely manner.


③Prevention and control during the outbreak: The breeding rate of red spiders is very rapid during the outbreak. Chemical acaricides should be used to reduce the number of insects, effectively killing red spiders, killing eggs, delaying chemical pesticides and reducing chemical pesticide residues.

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