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Propiconazole – A Cost Effective Fungicide
2021/8/23 17:48:53

Propiconazole – A Cost Effective Fungicide

What is Propiconazole?

Propiconazole was one of the earliest DMI (demethylation inhibitors) fungicides discovered back in 1970’s by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, To this day, Propiconazole has been widely used in various crops because it is a highly effective broad-spectrum systemic foliar fungicide with curative and preventive activity.

Propiconazole can be absorbed by plants in a short time and transported in the xylem to the whole plant. Propiconazole can stop the development of fungi pathogen, because it can interfere with the biosynthesis of the ergosterols in cell membranes which is a kind of essential molecule to the formation of fungus. It is recommended to apply at the beginning of the disease for best results.

Propiconazole benefits by long-term protection and easy compatibility with other pesticide, it can save farmers time and money. Besides, it is harmless to honey bee and other beneficial insects.


Propiconazole is effective controlling deadly diseases caused by:




Cochliobolus sativus

Erysiphe graminis

Leptosphaeria nodorum

Puccinia spp.

Pyrenophora teres

Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Rhynchosporium secalis

Septoria spp


Mycosphaerella musicola

Mycosphaerella fijiensis var. difformis


Rhizoctonia solani, Helminthosporium oryzae

Dirty panicle complex


Sclerotinia homoeocarpa

Rhizoctonia solani

Puccinia spp.

Erysiphe graminis


Hemileia vastatrix


Cercospora spp

Stone Fruit

Monilinia spp.

Podosphaera spp.

Sphaerotheca spp.

Tranzschelia spp


Helminthosporium spp.

King Quenson supplies different formulation of Propiconazole like: 50% EC, 50% EW, 50% ME, and 25% EC. We also can meet the requirements of different customized packaging.

More details please contact us:
Email: info@kingquenson.com

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