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Congratulations on 2019 new beginning! One full of energy King Quenson is chasing dreams in new year
2019/2/12 15:01:38

After spending a happy, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, we returned to work again.

Start work!Start work!

King Quenson Group in here to wish everyone has a wonderful beginning and achieve progress.



What is the most important thing on the first day of work after the year? Of course, red packets of award



We firmly believe that in the new year, as long as we are united, brave, and innovative,

the company will be able to provide a series of crop protection solutions for farmers to help farmers harvest, 

thus creating a new leap and continuing to write brilliant!

In the future development, the development of King Quenson Group will be closely integrated with the country's development strategy, 

and fully promote and enrich the agricultural capital culture to achieve balanced development of corporate brand value 

and corporate culture value, and realize the benign nature of corporate interests and consumer interests. interactive. 

Of course, while developing and growing ourselves, we will also assume our social responsibilities and return to society!

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