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The R&D and test center of King Quenson was founded in September 2005 on the basis of the cooperation between King Quenson and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute. The R&D center serves King Quenson in several ways: it is responsible for quality control as well as the research and development of new products.

King Quenson aims to be the leading institute dealing with inspection, verification, testing, and certification services and builds the R&D center according to the standard of GLP lab. As one of the most standard labs in China, King Quenson's R&D center focuses on developing an inspection of crop protection products.



High efficiency, low toxicity, and low residue are the targets of research and development.


King Quenson concentrates on the development of:

1. Bio-agrochemicals.

2. Water-based formulations.

3. Improved technical synthesis and quality.

4. Improvement of formulation prescription which makes the quality of products stabler and more efficiently long-lasting.

5. Screening and development of new adjuvant to provide stronger support for prescription improvement.


R&D of Liquid formulation and Solid formulation:

King Quenson has developed a variety of liquid formulations such as SC, SL, FS, EC, EW, ME, SE, CS, OF, ULV, etc.

The high-content solid formulation is a trend of formulation development. The popular formulations developed by King Quenson include WDG, WSG, WP, TB, DP GR, Bait, etc.



According to FAO and GB standard, the test center has been equipped with a whole set of test apparatus predominately with obvious functions including HPLC, MS, GC, UV, and AAS.

1. Raw material inspection.

2. Technical material, semi-product, and finished product inspection.

3. Adjuvant inspection.

4. Packing material inspection.