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China's Pesticide Registration Status in September 2021
2021/11/8 15:32:36

China's Pesticide Registration Status in September 2021

According to China Pesticide Registration Watch, 723 product registrations were approved by the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) in Sep, 2021, including 226 herbicides, 187 insecticides, 140 fungicides, 83 hygienic insecticides, 57 plant growth regulators (PGR), 21 fungicide/insecticides, 3 acaricide, 2 plant inducer,2 nemacide, 1 molluscicid, 1 insect sex pheromones.

There were 6 export-only registration approved in the month, which involving 6 active ingredients: propiconazole, fluometuron, chlorothalonil, metalaxyl, haloxyfop-P-methyl and a Chinese company self-patented product. 


Among the registered products, clothianidin lead the registration with 37 registered products. Followed by glyphosate (33) and bifenthrin (31), and thiamethoxam, pyraclostrobin, dnotefuran, fonicamid, fludioxonil, chlorfenapyr and glufosinate-ammonium

There are 10 TC registrations in this month, including picarbutrazox from Nippon Soda, bixlozone from FMC and thiotraniliprole from UDRAGON. Other registered formulation types focused on SC(194), SL(118) and EC(64). 


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