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Ranking List of Global Top 20 Agrochemical Enterprises for FY2020
2021/9/27 17:21:11

Ranking List of Global Top 20 Agrochemical Enterprises for FY2020

Recently, AgroPages released the Ranking List of Top 20 Global Agrochemical Companies for FY2020. According to the list, 15 enterprises realized growth in sales in FY2020. These included 10 enterprises that achieved double-digit growth. Total pesticide sales of the top 20 enterprises in FY2020 stood at US$61.8 billion, an increase of 2.9% YoY. Sales of the top four agrochemical players made up nearly 60% of the top 20; and the top 11, which surpassed $1 billion for each enterprise, constituted almost 90%. Eleven out of the top 20 are Chinese companies, with their total sales being $22.7 billion, 37% of the top 20. Sino-Agri Leading Biosciences Co., Ltd., the only newcomer to the list, ranked first in sales growth rate among the 20 with a growth of 53.1%.

Most enterprises have witnessed increases in both sales volume and price of their pesticides. Still, they were hit by the exchange rate volatility, primarily the depreciation of Brazilian Real, and their sales performance was affected to varying degrees by multiple factors such as adverse weather, agricultural product prices and COVID-19.


Source: AgroNews

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