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EU Extends Approval Periods of 50 Substances
2022/5/18 15:30:36

EU Extends Approval Periods of 50 Substances

According to the Official Journal of the European Union, on May 10th, 2022, Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/708 extends the approval periods of 50 substances, including Flurochloridone, which come into force on the twentieth day from the date of promulgation. These substances include:


Approval period will be extended until


31st May, 2023


30th June, 2023

Aclonifen, Beflubutamid, Benthiavalicarb, Boscalid, Captan, Dimethomorph, Ethephon, Fluoxastrobin, Folpet, Formetanate, Metazachlor, Metribuzin, Milbemectin, Phenmedipham, Pirimiphos-methyl, Propamocarb, Prothioconazole, Proquinazid, S-metolachlor

31st July, 2023

Acetic acid, Aluminium ammonium sulphate, Aluminium phosphide, Aluminium silicate, Calcium carbide, Cymoxanil, Dodemorph, 2,5-Dichlorobenzoic acid methylester, Ethylene, Extract from tea tree, Fat distillation residues, Fatty acids C7 to C20, Fish oil, Gibberellic acid, Gibberellins, Hydrolysed proteins, Iron sulphate, Magnesium phosphide, Metamitron, Plant oils/clove oil, Plant oils/rape seed oil, Plant   oils/spear mint oil, Pyrethrins, Quartz sand, Repellents by smell of animal or plant origin/sheep fat, Straight Chain Lepidopteran Pheromones, Sulcotrione, Tebuconazole, Urea

31st August, 2023

The above information is excerpted from the Official Journal of the European Union.


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