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Kingquenson Tomato Pesticide : All You Need to Know
2020/6/22 17:55:26

Kingquenson Tomato Pesticide : All You Need to Know


Tomatoes are one of the most important vegetables in the world with global production exceeding 177 million metric tons per year. However, despite the massive production of tomato, pests 

are a constant nuisance that may deprive you a bountiful harvest as a tomato grower. 

We realize that regardless of the steps you take in guiding against pests, they are inevitable.西红柿.jpgYou can only have a concrete plan in place to curtail their attack; thus, the need for pesticide for tomatoes. 

As usual, we have created a guide that will show you everything you need to know about tomato pests and the pesticides you can use to prevent and eliminate pest invasions.


Our interest is to see you enjoy productive cultivation of tomatoes, and we hope this guide will be a compass that leads you on how to achieve that.


Because we are dealing with tomato production in this article, our attention shall be focused on any pests associated with the cultivation of tomato.


How to Control Weeds in Tomato Farm

Multiple ways exist through which you can get rid of weeds in your farm. We have the cultural method, biological control, mechanical method and the use of the chemical. The chemical used in the control of weeds is called herbicide.


Classification of Pests

There are several classes of pests; we have the weeds, insect pests, microorganism which includes fungiicide, bacteria, nematode, and virus.


Major Insect Pests of Tomato

Because tomato fruits are succulent and juicy, it is an easy target for many insects in the field. Some of the insect pests that attack tomato include;

Aphids,Whiteflies,Cutworm,Thrips,Tomato Fruit worm,

Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB)Other notable mentions include:

Verticillium Wilt

Fusarium wilt

Damping off

Beet armyworm

Yellow striped armyworm

Cabbage loopers

Two-spotted spider mites

Flea Beetles and so on.

Insecticides for Tomato

Insecticides are chemical substances mainly used to kill insects. It consists of ovicides and larvicides used to guide against insect eggs and larvae. Insecticides can alter the ecosystem as it may be toxic to other essential insects such as earthworms, butterfly, bees as well as birds.

Therefore, it is imperative to take caution in applying insecticides. Ensure that they are properly engaged, and use necessary safety tools during the application process.


Classification of Insecticides

Insecticide can be classified into two major groups. They are:

Contact Pesticide;

Systemic insecticides.


Types of insecticides

Insecticides have three main categories which include:

Organic insecticides:They are an organic chemical compound which works mainly by contact.

Inorganic insecticides:This kind of insecticide comes in the form of metallic compounds.

Natural insecticides:They act as a natural defence against insects.

Common insecticides for tomato

There are different types of insecticides used in controlling insect invading tomato. But in this article, we have curated some of the best, efficient and effective you can use in controlling pest ravaging you tomato farm. They are:






Common Tomato Diseases caused by Fungicide:

Anthracnose Fruit Rot

Septoral leaf is borne

Early Blight

Buckeye Rot


Common Fungicide for Tomato

Fungicides that can effectively curb the spread of fungi diseases are numerous. However, let’s check a few of the most prevalent ones;they are:





Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) in Tomato

Plant Growth Receptors are compounds that have the ability to increase productivity in many plants.

 Several researches have proven that PGR is particularly effective in tomato crop, and it has been reported to boost the yield, thereby giving you greater return from your commercial tomato production:



Here is a list of other plant growth regulators for your use.


Now that we have come to the end of our lessons on pesticides for tomato, I hope you have taken enough notes to help you become a better tomato grower.


Remember, you need to be sure chemical company that you buy from is highly reputable. Make sure that their products are highly effective and economical for your use.

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