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Thai government BAN pesticide
2020/6/2 17:14:43

Final Decision: Thai government gazette announces to let Thai DOA active of BAN pesticide 5 active ingredient effective from 1st June 2020 onwards

The Thai government has confirmed the ban on paraquat and chlorpyrifos starting June 1st, 2020. Farmers who possess them are advised to return them within 90 days or no later than August 29, 2020.

From June 1st, 2020, onwards, the Notification of the Ministry of Industry on the List of Hazardous Substances No. 6, B.E. 2563, comes into effect. It prohibits the production, import, export and possession of 5 agrochemicals, namely

1. paraquat

2. paraquat dichloride

3. paraquat methosulfate

4. chlorpyrifos

5. chlorpyrifos-methyl

Those who have stocks of these chemicals must return them to the sellers within 90 days, or before August 29, the sellers must accept the chemicals and submit them, as well as possession information to the Department of Agriculture within 120 days of the ban coming into effect, or before September 28th, 2020.

The government approved the ban on toxic chemicals because it is concerned about the health and safety of users and consumers, the ban is a result of a thorough study and approvals from several related agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Industry, National Hazardous Substances Committee and many agricultural partner networks and Department of Agriculture has already prepared safer substances as a substitute for these toxic chemicals as well as natural alternatives to deal with agricultural pests to minimize the impact of the ban on farmers to assured the public that prohibition of the use of such chemicals is good for people’s health and beneficial to all sectors.

In this regard, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives request the inspector and the relevant officers in the network of Office of Agricultural Research and Development Region 5, Department of Agriculture (DOA) to inspect and report the area of responsibility is in the central and western regions, covering 19 provinces regarding the effectiveness of this enforcement in the area.

The data in Region 5 of 19 provinces is:

There are pesticide 3,158 stores (16,005 stores nationwide)

With a volume of paraquat 700.43 tons (8,562.64 tons / total import 2019)

With a volume of chlorpyrifos 103.73 tons (697.08 tons / total import 2019)

With a total of 528.42 tons of glyphosate (9,019.10 tons / total import 2019)

* no final decision of glyphosate*

This year Thailand agricultural hit the droughts situation, hit corona virus, hit the banning products, no more registration coming please use this news to be considering doing agribusiness in Thailand.

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