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Our Advantage

  • Established in 2003
  • A+ level credit enterprise
  • Top 50 pesticide exports
  • Abundant supply chain
  • Strong supply capacity
  • Professional laboratory
  • Advanced equipment
  • Overseas branch
  • Environmental protection
  • low residue & toxicity
  • High quality & sufficient content
  • Professional packaging design
  • Professional label design
  • Registration support
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Safe and fast transportation
  • Corn - KQSC1712
  • Corn - KQSC1712
  • Corn - KQSC1712
  • Corn - KQSC1712
Corn - KQSC1712Corn - KQSC1712Corn - KQSC1712Corn - KQSC1712

Corn - KQSC1712

Shelf Life

2 Years




40~45 Days


SGS, ISO9001, BV , A+ Credit




DescriptionExcellent plant type for subtropical zone. Erected leaf with dark green color.Big & long ear in cylindrical shape.Good grain color & high shelling percentage.Good standability.
MaturityMedium 115-120 Days
Plant Height230 cm 

Ear Height

110 cm

Grain Type

Orange, Semi Dent

Shelling %


Grain Yield (15%MC)

11.5 -12.8 Ton/Ha 

Diseases Reaction

Stalk rot (MR), NCLB (MS), Rust (R)

Q1: Is Shenzhen KingQuenson Industry Co., Ltd a factory or a trader?

A1: Shenzhen KingQuenson Industry Co., Ltd is a factory and a trader.


Q2: Does Shenzhen KingQuenson Industry Co., Ltd offer sample?

A2: Shenzhen KingQuenson Industry Co., Ltd can offer 1kg or 1L free samples of our products; the customers will be responsible for the delivery fee.


Q3: What is the payment method?

A3: We accept T/T, L/C, O/A, and D/A.


Q4: Minimum Order Quantity?

A4: We recommend our customers to order 1KL or 1MT minimum of every product.


Q5: How does Shenzhen KingQuenson Industry Co., Ltd guarantee the quality of products?

A5: The products will accept the test of third-party labs.


Q6: Transportation.

A6: International Ocean Shipping, Air Transportation.


Q7: Delivery Time.

A7: 40 to 45 days after the confirm of packages.

Q8: How to get the prices?

A8: Please email us at ( ) or call us at ( 86-755-86612769 ). 

Product: Corn - KQSC1712