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King Quenson Visit and communicate with Chia Tai Co.,Ltd.,Learn from the excellent enterprise!
2019/11/21 17:57:59

On November 19, 2019, Ms. Jun He , Chairman of King Quenson Group, Ms. Ning Caihong, Vice President of King Quenson Group, Mr. Han Qiushi, Manager of Fertilizer Deparment, Ms. Xin Benyan, Manager of Registration Department, Mr. Song Rui, President of Yuntu Holdings that Strategic Partner of King Quenson Group, Mr. Suresh Gurung , Chairman of Karma Group from Nepal , they went to the headquarters of Chia Tai Co.,Ltd in Bangkok Thailand to discuss cooperation with the relevant responsible persons on fertilizers, pesticides and seeds.



Chia Tai Co., Ltd, is one of the largest Chinese multinational corporations in the world. Since its establishment in 1998, it has been committed to the development the agricultural market and has a leading position in the agricultural field of Thailand.

Mr. Thepwit Taewsakulrat, the head of compound fertilizer of Chia Tai Co., Ltd , extended a warm welcome to King Quenson Group and his party. The two sides exchanged views on the industrial structure and core products of their respective companies, which further enhanced their understanding and trust.



At the meeting, the cooperation consensus expressed by the King Quenson Group and Chia Tai Co., Ltd, which laid a good foundation for the full play of their respective advantages and actively promoting the efficient planting of agriculture in China and Thailand.



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