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Shenzhen King Quenson Group visited Nepal to hold Pesticide dealer’s
2016/9/2 17:43:03

In mid-August, the Chairman of Shenzhen King Quenson Group, Helen He and the company’s marketing specialist and technical personnel visited Nepal to hold dealer’s conference 2015, about 50 pesticide dealers from all over the country attended the conference.
The theme of the conference was "Cooperation for Win-Win, prosperous for both". We are committed to provide all the dealers with the best quality of pesticide products for win-win situation, work together to build a popular brand in Nepal agriculture chemical market.
One of the long-term cooperated dealers took an introduction about the agriculture situation in Nepal, including the yield distribution of rice, corn, potato, tomato and other crops, their plant diseases and insect pests, and the application situation.
In addition, they also said King Quenson took serious distribution polices towards Nepal pesticides dealers that really reflected the market situation, protected the market and showed the respect to them. King Quenson Brand products gave them great confidence for the high efficiency to weed, pest and disease control.
During the seminar, Ms. Helen appreciated all the support and love from the dealers and thanked sincerely for their trust and praise. She stressed that our success was inseparable with all their partners and workers. She also gave an analysis of the development status of the company, the plan of further development with Nepal market, to deepen our understanding with them and enhance their cooperation confidence, in the company. Meanwhile, General Manager of King Quenson, and introduced the upcoming launch of new products in Nepal, the integrated solutions for crop diseases and insect pests, and answered the questions concerned about the new products from participants.
The next day, accompanied by some of the dealers, our staff came into the local pesticide retail stores, approached the retailers for the effectiveness, sales, after-sales service, farmers' feedbacks, and problems may exist for their products. Close to feel brand popularity and products reputation in local market.
After that, the company personnel went to the field to share crop sciences with the farmers, learned about their planting techniques, fertilizer management, pest control situation, and observe the practical effects of King’s products. Farmers were happy to say, "You do not only bring us good products, but also help us to improve the ability to identify pests and weeds, to increase crop protection knowledge. You--King Quenson is the best!"

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