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Metolachlor 380 g/L + Prometryn 130 g/L SE
2021/6/15 16:06:17

Metolachlor 380 g/L + Prometryn 130 g/L SE

Products name:Metolachlor 380 g/L + Prometryn 130 g/L SE



#mixture herbicide






Metolachlor 380 g/L + Prometryn 130 g/L SE:Containing two active ingredient of Metolachlor and Prometryn, broad spectrum killing weeds (annual gramineous weeds and broadleaf grasses). With long-acting duration by single application.


1. Kill many kinds of weeds, including annual gramineous weeds and broadleaf grasses (Broad spectrum)

2. Excellent control of germinated weeds (Young stage weeds)

3. Residual efficacy for 40 days (Long duration)

4. Highly effective control of weeds, crop yield significantly (Increasing yield)

5. Safe to use and has low toxicity to human and mammals (Safe, low toxicity)


Typical   pests



Crabgrass,Goosegrass,Red prangletop,Asian copperleaf

Before   transplanting, or pre-emergence of cotton spraying on soil

Transplanting   rice 

Barnyard   grass,Sedge,Crabgrass,Chinese spinach

5-7   days after rice transplanting, directed spraying or mixing with soil and   spreading.


Crabgrass,Redroot pigweed,Soft love grass

Pre-emergence   of crops, spraying on soil.


Cucumber, spinach, leeks, cereals are susceptible crops to this product.

Apply up to 1 time per season.

Apply this product at pre-emergence of crops, or apply to seedling stage of weeds.

High dosage may lead to phytotoxic to melon and solanaceous crops.

DO NOT apply this product on sandy loam soil.

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