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The Effect and Features of Lufenuron
2021/4/15 16:31:04

The Effect and Features of Lufenuron

Lufenuron mainly acts on insect larvae to prevent the peeling process and kill pests, and has a strong ability to kill eggs and insects. It is suitable for controlling pests that are resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphorus pesticides.


虱螨脲 Lufenuron.jpg

1. Control object

Lufenuron is highly effective against lepidopteran pests of various crops, especially against noctuid pests such as beet armyworm, Spodoptera litura, cotton bollworm and other resistant pests.


2. Main features

1) Good egg-killing effect, long lasting period (about 10 days): spraying the liquid medicine on crop leaves or eggs can kill the eggs directly. 


2) Efficient insecticidal: After the insects come into contact with the medicament and eat the leaves with the medicament, they will be anesthetized and stop feeding within 2 hours, stop harming the crops, and reach the peak of dead insects in 3-5 days. The validity period is about 10 days.


3) Low toxicity, low residue, and safe use: In addition to low toxicity to fish and mammals, it is selective to most beneficial insects, and has good safety to humans, animals, crops and the environment. It is suitable for comprehensive pollution-free control of pests.


3. How to use

1) Single dose use: Lufenuron has strong egg-killing and insecticidal effects: it prevents cotton bollworm, beet armyworm and other pests, sprayed with 1000 times liquid of 5% lufenuron suspension to prevent the mortality of 1-day-old eggs Reaching 87.30%; it has high gastric toxicity to the 2 to 5 instar larvae of Helicoverpa armigera. 15 days after application, the control effect is still over 89%, which is highly safe to crops.


2) Use of compound preparation: In order to improve the control effect, emamectin benzoate + carbofuran + lufenuron can be used to control pests that have developed resistance, and the effect is particularly outstanding.

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