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King's Potent
2021/7/12 17:24:08

King's Potent


King's Potent: Control of health pests and stored grain pests, including Blattodea (cockroaches), Culicidae (mosquitoes), Muscidae (flies, houseflies) and beetles in various public environment like home, restaurants, hotels, toilets, factories, organs, schools, warehouses, etc.


Function and Feature:

1. Special technology developed to enhance the performance of space sprays when diluted with water.

2. Increasing the droplets contact with the adult mosquitoes or flies by slowing evaporation of droplets.

3. Dilution in water with no visible fog, no smell and does not leave staining residues.

4. Environmentally-sensitive option for mosquito and fly control.

5. Slow the development of resistance.

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