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King's Hero
2021/4/25 16:12:37

King's Hero

Products name :King's Hero

Abamectin 4% + Etoxazole 20% SC




Use: Control of eggs, larvae nymphs, and motile stages of mites on wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, vegetables, citrus fruit, pome fruit, stone fruits, cranberry, non-bearing fruit trees, nut crops, mint, hops, ornamentals, etc. 

Function and Feature:   

  1. Non-systemic acaricide with predominantly contact action and long-lasting protection.

  2. Effective for eggs, larvae nymphs, and motile stages of mites. Excellent efficacy and knockdown activity against eggs and larvae nymphs of mites.

  3. Low risk to parasitic wasps, predatory mites, and lacewings.

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