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King Quenson reward as Recommended Suppliers of CAC 2014
2014/9/7 20:11:21

As  a  prelude to the opening ceremony and banquet, a melodious and modern string quartet proved to be  just the start of a dynamic evening which demonstrated that not just the market in China is dynamic but also those who look to lead its future. For the first time, the event recognized excellence within its own industry with the first CAC awards. Being China, as always the approach was different, not as in Western society singling out one company as a winner. The approach was to recognizing that the industry itself is the winner if many competing companies are rewarded.So the role call was made of the top10 exporting companies. Between them, these  companies represent an export value of U$2.5 billion, nearly 40% of all Chinese agrochemical exports. This was followed by the selection by experts and  invited  guests  of  the  first  list  that acknowledges a new category of CAC recommended supplier. Finally the awards for exhibition design, recognized the role of design in communicating both corporate culture and brand image, both strongly Western cultural activities. Throughout the evening and between the awards national companies were invited to entertain the 600 invited guests. This presented companies with the opportunity to display their highly valued cultural abilities, from singing and dancing through to magic tricks. 

Aside from the cultural activities, always considered so important in Asian society, and the new awards presentations, the formal part was led by Ma Chunyan, Vice Chairman of CCPIT CHEM. Ms Ma is the recognized global face that is building collaboration around the world for the Chinese industry. During the last year, Ma Chunyan has led successful summits in Australia, Brazil, Thailand and India. In 2013 Europe will be added to the list with the first European Summit to be held at ChemSpec in Munich during early June.
After welcoming the guests from the all parts of China and the global industry and introducing the CAC Show awards, Ma Chunyan invited the special VIP guests to join her to open the event.  These were; Mr. Li Yongwu Chairman and Mr. Zhao Jungui Vice Chairman of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Mr. Liu Xia, Vice president of Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industry Group and representing the international delegates, Rob Fryatt of Xenex Associates. 

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