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Launching King Quenson Seeds: Another Solid Step Towards From Seeds To Harvest
2023/3/13 15:09:08

Launching King Quenson Seeds:  Another Solid Step Towards The Comprehensive Platform 

That Provides One-Stop Agricultural Solutions From Seeds To Harvest

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With the original intention of "Focus on your harvest", King Quenson has always been committed to providing farmers with high-quality agricultural materials and technical solutions. To this end, we invest in research and development and innovation, we always abide by high standards of quality, and we pay attention to the value our products create for farmers and partners.


On the occasion of 20th anniversary, King Quenson is honored to announce that it has officially launched its seed business and released the first batch of new seed product series. All selected seed varieties original from King Quenson’s high-quality breeder partners from the United States, Europe, Thailand, India and China and have been thoroughly researched and demonstrated in the past 19 years by the R&D team of King Quenson USA Inc. As long as the planting conditions are suitable, these varieties can perform the excellent characteristics and guarantee the harvest of local farmers. Now they are ready to be distributed by King Quenson (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. to global clients.


The official launch of the seed business means that King Quenson has taken another solid step towards its strategic goal, which is to become a comprehensive platform that provides farmers all over the world with a one-stop agricultural material supply and technical solutions. Same as the existing product lines on Agrochemicals and Fertilizers , King Quenson Seeds  also shares our mission to help farmers around the world grow healthy and nutritious food, while protecting the soil and the environment. And King Quenson will remain practical and keep innovating, for the benefit we bring to farmers, our employees and all our upstream and downstream partners.


King Quenson, Focus On Your Harvest! 

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