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KING'S TUTA OFF-The Tuta Absoluta Terminator
2022/6/1 14:22:14


The Tuta Absoluta Terminator

Tuta absoluta is a serious invasive and destructive insect pest of tomato.

Its common name is Tomato leaf miner, some people also call it Tomato pinworm or Tomato borer.

Because of the easy pronunciation of the Latin name, the pest is mostly known as Tuta absoluta.


Adult                                    Larva

It originated in South America Peru and was first reported outside of its native range in 2006 from Spain, then rapidly spreading throughout other European countries, Africa, Middle East, Asia and many other countries.

tuta off data.png

IntechOpen data shows that, Tuta absoluta is threatening about 87% of worldwide tomato production.

If Tuta absoluta is not effectively controlled, the tomato yield loss can be up to 100% due to the injuries on leaves, stems and fruits.

In Europe, Tuta absoluta management cost is at least 450 Euros per hectare.

According to CABI report, in sub-Saharan Africa, tomato production loss caused byTuta Absoluta is at least 1.05 million tonnes equals to US$ 791.5 million per year.


Tuta absoluta can also infest and damage other crops like potatoes, eggplant and peppers.


However, the efficacy of the traditional management methods is limited. Traditional management of Tuta Absoluta includes,

1. Pheromone traps. It’s easy to use, but can’t control completely.

2. Removal sources of infestation. It is helpful, but can’t control the invasive adult insects from outside.

3. Biological control including natural enemies. It is very good, but not widely available to all countries.

4. Chemical control. It is effective, but due to the chemical resistance, it’s not easy to find the workable insecticide product.


Why Tuta Absoluta is so difficult to control? Because,

  • The larvae lives inside the leaves, fruits and stems of the tomatoes.

  •  A short life cycle of 24 days when temperature between 20°C to 29°C.

  •  One female moth is able to lay 250-300 eggs in one cycle, and produces 10–12 generations per year.

  • Tuta Absoluta already has high resistance to most insecticides.


So what kind of product do we need?

  • Quick action, effective control in short time

  • Effect on eggs, larvae, pupa and adults

  •  Easy to use

  • No resistance


KING’S TUTA OFF, as a Tuta Absoluta terminator, is satisfied with all the above requirements.

  • Insects stop feeding in 3 minutes

  • Death starts in 0.5 hour

  • Effective control in 24 hours

  • Effect on eggs, larvae, pupa and adults

  • Resistance management strategies product

tuta off.pngKING’S TUTA OFF.png

Plus, it’s easy to use and very low dosage. Spraying at 0.5-1.0 ml/L when pests appear, especially Larva stage is recommended to get better efficacy, 7-10 days interval if necessary.


Based on the field trial test in Nala Area of Nepal, KING’S TUTA OFF performs better efficacy than other tested products, including Spinetoram, Spinosad and Chlorantranilprole. And when the dosage is 1.0 ml/L, the efficacy of KING’S TUTA OFF is 100% death rate in 24 hours after application.


test results.png

KING’S TUTA OFF is your good helper to control Tuta Absoluta!

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