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Seaweed fertilizers-A Green Future for Agriculture
2022/3/16 9:51:36


Seaweed fertilizers-A Green Future for Agriculture

What is Seaweed fertilizers?

Unlike most other traditional fertilizers, Seaweed fertilizers are organic plant feeds containing extracts of seaweed sustainably derived from the ocean, they contain naturally occurring growth stimulants for increasing crop yields that often can’t be found elsewhere.

  • Different types of Seaweed fertilizers are also full with N, P, K, chitosan oligosaccharide, bio fulvic acid, amino acid, humid acid, organic matter, middle elements, and EDTA microelement such as EDTA-Zn (-Mg, Fe, Mn, etc.)

  • Not only increase crop yield, but Seaweed fertilizers also improve plant health through resistance to stress, disease, illness and pests.

  • Fruits and vegetables grown with Seaweed fertilizers benefit from longer life after maturity.


Are Seaweed fertilizers good for all plants?

All types of plants can benefit from Seaweed fertilizers. Containing complex carbs and vital minerals, seaweed extract delivers every plant with the valuable nutrients needed to grow and thrive. In fact, Seaweed fertilizers have the broadest range of benefits to plants beyond plant nutrition. They also promote bacterial activity in soil mediums. Known to improve root nutrient intake. Along with having the ability to improve resistance to disease, pests and abiotic plant stress.


King Quenson’s Seaweed fertilizers

In addition to the traditional fertilizers, King Quenson is also committed to innovating and developing the new organic fertilizers. Our Seaweed fertilizers are made of the selected seaweed from Ocean such like Ascophyllum nodosum, one of the best kinds of Seaweed. With the leading bio-enzymatic extraction process, greatly retain the activity of the original substances in seaweed, alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharide, betaine, mannitol, rare trace elements, etc. They are the natural plant endogenous conditioner necessary for promoting crop growth and economic yield.


Ascophyllum nodosum.jpg 

Ascophyllum nodosum

Seaweed – Essence from Atlantic Ocean

Efficacy result

Bioassay Test of Seaweed fertilizers

Series of King Quenson’s Seaweed fertilizers

1. Seaweed long-acting Zinc fulvic acid microbial agent (Granules)

Seaweed fertilizers.jpgComposition:

NPK (17-17-17)

Sulphur ≥ 3%

Cl- ≤ 3%

Zinc fulvic acid ≥ 400 ppm

Boron ≥ 200 ppm

Seaweed oligose ≥ 2000 ppm

Bacillus subtilis ≥ 2×108 spores/g


Feature and function:

High tower granulation technology

Contains beneficial microorganisms, inhibits pathogens, and enhances crop resistance to diseases and stress.

Replenish soil organic matter, improve soil quality.

Rich in Sulphur, Boron and other middle and trace elements, effect on reducing crop nutrient deficiency symptoms and beautifying fruits.

Rich in seaweed oligose, effect on promoting the growth of root, improving the resistance of disease.

With long-acting sustained-release formulation obtained through Zinc fulvic acid chelating, which is capable of controlling and releasing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium,and effect last for 3 months with buried application.



Suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, melons, potatoes, tobacco and other crops.

Application method: Spreading, Spraying irrigation.

2. Seaweed oligose contained complex fertilizer (Granules)

Seaweed fertilizers-4.jpgComposition:

NPK (15-5-25/18-8-18/15-15-15)

Seaweed oligoes + Magnesium + Zinc + Boron ≥0.6% ~ 0.99%

Sulphur ≥ 3%

Cl- ≤ 3%


Feature and function:

High tower granulation technology

Enhances crop resistance to diseases and stress.

Fruit enlargement, increasing sweetness.

Improve soil fertility and water retention capacity.

Fast-acting: fully absorbed by plants within 2-3 hours.

Contains more than 40 kinds of natural trace elements and organic matter.

Rich in Sulphur, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron, effect on reducing crop nutrient deficiency symptoms.



Suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, melons, potatoes, tobacco and other crops.

Application method: Spreading, Spraying irrigation.

3. Seaweed macro element water-soluble fertilizer (Crystals)

Seaweed fertilizers-5.jpgComposition:

NPK (20-20-20+TE/12-8-40+TE/0-42-30+TE) 

Seaweed oligose 5000 ppm

Magnesium 0.3% ~ 0.5%

EDTA-Zn ≥ 0.05%

Boron 0.15% ~ 0.4%

Cl- ≤ 3%

Na- ≤ 3%

Moisture ≤ 3%


Feature and function:

Misicible in water with a clear liquid state, long-term placement no precipitation.

Convenient and diverse application methods.

Rich in natural active ingredients, effect on promoting the growth of root, improving the resistance of disease.

High nutrient purity, free from Chloride, Sodium and Sulphur.

Rich in macro elements and various chelated middle and trace elements, improve crop resistance to disease and stress.



Suitable for economic crops and field crops.

Supplement nutrients and helping growth.

Application method: Dripping irrigation, Spraying irrigation, foliar spraying.

4. Completely water-soluble seaweed oligose (Powder)

Seaweed fertilizers-6.jpg


NPK ≥ 5%

Organic matter ≥ 45%


Feature and function:

Rapidly dissolved in water, without stratification.

Convenient and diverse application methods.

Rich in Alginic acid, Seaweed polysaccharides, Betaine, 

Mannitol, trace elements, etc. With the effect of stimulate immune 

system of the crops, can enhance disease- and stress-resistance of crops.

Suitable for various crops and growth stage with different efficacy.

Compatible with most of pesticides and fertilizers.



Root-irrigation for seedling stage can promote the survival rate.

Spraying when flowering stage can enlarge buds and increase success rate of pollination.

Root-irrigation during swelling stage of melon, bean and fruit trees can improve the quality.

Provide nutritional supplements for root rot crops without phytotoxicity.

Application method: Dripping irrigation, flushing or foliar spraying. Apply when cloudy or sunny evening for the best efficacy.



5. Seaweed and Humic acid water-soluble organic fertilizer (Liquid)

Seaweed fertilizers-7.jpgComposition:

Seaweed oligose ≥ 50 g/L

Organic matter ≥ 30 g/L

Humic acid ≥ 30 g/L

NPK ≥ 200 g/L

Cl- ≤ 30 g/L

Na- ≤ 30 g/L

Feature and function:

Liquid formulation fertilizer

Rapid nutritional supplements to restore the growth of crops.

Rapidly improve soil quality, microbial activation.

Used with biological agents can increase efficiency.

Enhance the ability of crops to resist low temperature, has drought and flood resistance.

Rich in sulfate ions, promoting colouring and swelling rate of fruits.


Suitable for whole growth stage of economic crops and field crops.

Compatible with most of pesticides and fertilizers.

Application method: Flushing, root-irrigation, foliar spraying.


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