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King's Prohex Plant Growth Regulator
2023/2/24 14:45:18

King's Prohex Plant Growth Regulator

The simple way to improve orchard management and potential profits.

What can cause unsatisfactory yield? Pests, insects and weeds, or low fertilizer utilization, also, improper plant growth regulators (PGR). We know, lack of proper PGR can stimulate vegetative growth vigorously with little flowers and fruits and lodging. Root lodging and stem lodging are common lodging for most crops, and it can cause up to 75% of yield lost if crops lodge at ear emergence.


Fig 1. Lodging in wheat farm

King's Prohex, an innovative formulation developed by King Quenson team for balance and regulate endogenous hormones in the plant, and can be applied on majority of crops and fruit trees, such as wheat, corn, peanut, soybean, rice, potato, sweet potato, beet, cucumber, chrysanthemum, cabbage, carnation, citrus, apple and etc.:

  • Reduction in vegetative shoot growth

  • Superior lodging resistance

  • Simplify orchard management

  • Great-looking fruit

  • Stronger crops, increase yields


Reduction in vegetative shoot growth and Simplify orchard management

Foliar absorption is the only significant means of plant uptake. King's Prohex is used to manage plant growth, reduce vegetative growth of shoot, and redirect plant resources towards fruit production, resulting in improved fruit quality and higher yields. Additionally, it can help to manage plant size and space in orchards and vineyards, the need for pruning can be reduced, air circulation in the tree tops is improved and the light penetration is improved. Thus, King's Prohex makes a potential profits by reducing labour costs.

Superior lodging resistance

King's Prohex is an excellent regulator of lodging resistance, it can promote plant reproductive growth of lateral buds, inhibit excessive nutritional growth. King's Prohex will also control internodes of plant, thus dwarf and reduce the crop lodging.

Stronger crops, increase yields and Great-looking fruit

King's Prohex is an innovative formulation for fast plant absorption, it will develop strong system, and protect the cell membranes, then improve the resistance to disease, cold and drought of plants, thus, King's Prohex can also relieve the damage of herbicides. King's Prohex can also promote early flowering, improve fruit set rate and promote fruit maturity. Moreover, King's Prohex can promote the accumulation of sugar and biomass, and more uniform color and longer shelflife.

Safe and no residual toxicity

King's Prohex does not persist in the plant or affect vegetative growth the following season. However, where the proper balance between vegetative growth and crop is achieved, one application may provide season-long control of vegetative growth. Compared with other PGR widely used in the market, King's Prohex has very low residue in the soil, and no residual toxicity to rotating plants, even no pollution to the environment.

Researched for decades, King Quenson team has found King's Prohex has outstanding performances on peanut, apples, cucumber, Newhall oranges, rice, wheat, most of fruit trees, grains, and vegetables.

Since 2003, King Quenson has been thriving to introduce the latest technologies to agricultural industries and farmers to achieve mutual development and prosperity. With years of dedication and rich experience, King Quenson devotes more than 18 years to crop protection and offers solutions.


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