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King's Newmat- Outstanding Performance Insecticide against sucking pests
2024/3/31 19:44:01

King's Newmat- Outstanding Performance Insecticide against sucking pests

Sucking pests are known to seriously damage agricultural crops and horticultural plants. They use the sucking mouthparts to feed on the sap or the inner tissues of leaves. Heavily infested plants become yellow, wilted, deformed or stunted, and may eventually die. Sucking pests are frequently hidden in plant parts or may develop on newly emerging shoots after insecticide application. Therefore, how to kill sucking pest thoroughly is a challenge for growers.


Hidden                                   Hidden                               New shoots                             New shoots           

King's Newmat from King Quenson, has shown an outstanding performance against the broad spectrum sucking pests in field applications. Its key active ingredient Spirotetramat opens a new horizon for sucking pest control. The target pests include aphids, thrips, psyllids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale insects, leafhoppers and mites.

King's Newmat is the unique modern two-way systemic insecticide in the world. After foliar application, King's Newmat penetrates through the leaf cuticle and translocate as Spirotetramat-enol through xylem and phloem, up to the growing shoots and down to the roots. King's Newmat acts as an inhibitor of lipid biosynthesis and affects juvenile stages with additional effects on adult fecundity.



This double systemic mode of action ensures King's Newmat to provide multiple benefits. It provides broad spectrum sucking pest control through strong ovicidal activity, larvicidal activity and adult fecundity. The highly systemic two way translocation allows King's Newmat to protect the entire plant for up to 8 weeks with simply one foliar spraying, and to effective control the hidden and soil-living sucking pests. All these features makes King's Newmat an excellent rotation partner and mixture partner, and no cross-resistance to any other insecticide


King’s Newmat provides wide spectrum control of sucking pests. Its unique two-way systemic action allows it to translocate and protect the entire plant up to the leaves and down to the roots. It’s an excellent tool to Resistant Management Programmes, and it’s generally friendly to beneficial insects.


In this study on cotton, Pymetrozine was the traditional insecticide to control cotton aphids. When we mix King’s Newmat with Pymetrozine, the joint control effect takes place from the 2nd day after one application. The cotton aphid population reduced 95.17%, comparing to the 67.72% that only used Pymetrozine.

Another benefit of mixing King's Newmat with other insecticides is that it provides long-lasting crop protection. In another study on Chinese pepper, King’s Newmat is applied together with Flonicamid. Starting from the 2nd day of application, the aphid control effect last for as long as 21 days. The new leaves also benefit from the effective protection, and the tree vigor restored after being infested by aphids.


For additional information about Kings Newmat, talk with your King Quenson representative or email to King Quenson, together, from seeds to harvest.

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