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King's Archer - A Chlorantraniliprole Product for Effective Insect Control
2024/2/27 14:26:13

King’s Archer - A Chlorantraniliprole Product for Effective Insect Control

King’s Archer is an effective solution for crop protection. Its main ingredient is Chlorantraniliprole, which is a diamide insecticide, that can be used to control pests in hundreds of crops.

Features of King’s Archer:

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1. Broad Spectrum Control

King’s Archer can protect your crops against a broad spectrum of Lepidopteran pests, whitefly nymphs, leaf miner larvae, Colorado potato beetles and others.


2. Strong Larvicidal Activity

King’s Archer has strong larvicidal activity and interference with mating and egg laying. Newly hatched larvae can be infected by uptaken the egg shells stained by droplet at very low dosage. So, it’s always recommended to apply King’s Archer during mating and egg laying for early control of insect populations.


3. Rapid Cessation of Food Uptake

King’s Archer quickly stops larvae eating treated plants, therefore, it protects crops immediately. Thus, insects exhibit rapid cessation of feeding, lethargy, and regurgitation of food, leading to muscle paralysis and ultimately to death.


4. Long-Lasting Protection & Excellent Systemic and Penetration

King’s Archer penetrates into the leaves and other green plant tissues such as stems, then protects the whole leaf. Also, it is hardly affected by UV degradation, and has excellent resistance to leaching on the plant, so King’s Archer provides long-lasting crop protection up to over 20 days.

5. Selective and Safe

The Chlorantraniliprole in King’s Archer only binds to specific receptors in the muscles of the target insects, so King’s Archer is highly safe for human and animals including fish and birds, and protects natural predators and pollinators.

6. Wonderful Tank-Mixing Partner

King’s Archer is a wonderful tank-mixing partner, and can be used with Abamectin, Thiamethoxam, Acetamiprid, Pymetrozine, Lufenuron, Indoxacarb, Chlorfenapyr, Dinotefuran, Emamectin Benzoate, etc to create synergistic effects on insect control. King’s Archer is also compatible with many other products, like fungicides (such as mancozeb), foliar fertilizers (amino acid, etc.) and PGRs (Brassinolide, etc.).


Trust it, King’s Archer provides you greater flexibility in pests management, delivers high quality produce, meets the demands of food retailers and consumers. It is the guardian of your crops for a harvest worth protecting.


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