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King's TopraGuard, a New, Highly Selective Post-emergence Herbicide for Corn
2023/7/28 11:15:53

King's TopraGuard, a New, Highly Selective Post-emergence Herbicide for Corn


Corn is a short-cycle crop sown in wide interrow spacing, and it’s highly sensitive to weed pressure. The peak of weed competition occurs between 3 and 10 leaves of corn. Weeds compete fiercely with corn for space, light, nutrients, and water and can cause a 10%-100% corn yield loss, depending on the severity of the weed. This highlights the importance of post-emergence weed management and herbicide selection.

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King’s TopraGuard 

It is a new, highly selective post-emergence herbicide from King Quenson for all types of corn growers. 

It provides highly effective and long-lasting control of key grasses and broad-leaf weeds in the corn field, 

including those that have developed resistance to 

Glyphosate, triazines, PPO-, ALS- and ACCase-inhibitors. 


The active ingredient of King’s TopraGuard is Topramezone, which is in a unique subclass of the HPPD inhibiting herbicides. Once in the weeds, King’s TopraGuard causes oxidative degradation of the chlorophyll, leading to pronounced whitening or “bleaching” of sensitive weeds. These bleaching effects will be visible on new growth within 2-5 days of treatment. Eventually, growth is inhibited, and the weed typically dies within 7-14 days of the herbicide application. And long-lasting protection lasts more than 35 days.


  1.  Resistant Weed Control

    Therefore, King’s TopraGuard offers an additional tool for weed resistance management and crop protection. The strong post-emergence activity and residuals of King’s TopraGuard complement growers' existing pre-emergence herbicides, making it a perfect fit into another powerful solution outside of Glyphosate and ALS herbicides in the fight to control resistant weeds.

  2. Excellent Compatibility

    King’s TopraGuard offers flexibility as a stand-alone herbicide and as a tank-mixing partner with Atrazine, Mesotrione and other herbicides, giving growers the option to customize their weed management programs. The combination with PSII inhibitors, such as triazines, can achieve significant weed control synergies.

  3. Highly Safety on Corn

    King’s TopraGuard is highly safe on all field and specialty corn regardless of trait, including pop, sweet corn and seed varieties that are sensitive to other herbicides.

  4. Application Flexibility

    King’s TopraGuard can be used in the 3-10 leaf stage of corn. It’s low toxic to human and highly safe to corn. Its wide application window gives growers application flexibility.

With simply one application of King’s TopraGuard during the 2-5 leaf stage of the weeds, no more extra treatment, growers can benefit from healthier crops and less competition from the weeds, and eventually higher yields and margin.


King’s TopraGuard, a flexible solution to deliver effective post-emergence control of both grasses and broad-leaf weeds in the corn field.


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