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King’s CropArmor gives your crops the best start
2023/5/30 14:08:05

King’s CropArmor gives your crops the best start


When a seed is planted, it’s the most vulnerable stage of the plant, at the same time it’s the critical stage to determine the potential to achieve the maximum yield. But soil borne pathogens like insects and diseases can attack both seeds and seedlings at the root level underground. Soil borne pathogens are not always easily detected, but the damaged root system at early stage leads to obvious growth delays and reduction of yield potential that may never recover. That’s why seed treatment is essential.


King Quenson offers a seed treatment concentrate, King’s CropArmor. It is a triple compound product consisting of one insecticide Thiamethoxam, and two fungicides Fludioxonil and Difenoconazole. King’s CropArmor provides broad spectrum protection against both early-season leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, as well as soil-borne and seed-borne diseases.

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Thiamethoxam acts by interfering with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor of the insect’s nervous system. In target insects it shows quick stomach and contact action. The insects stop feeding within hours and death usually occurs within 24-48 hours. In addition, it exhibits root systemic activity. Crops treated with King’s CropArmor showed enhanced growth even when conditions were suboptimal, resulting in thicker and stronger stems, as well as a better root system.


Fludioxonil inhibits spore germination and growth of germ tubes and mycelia. It penetrates the seed to and moves with coleoptile, thus providing protection against seed as well as soil-borne diseases. At the same time, Fludioxonil is almost immobile in the soil, so it can be kept in the area around the seed, providing long-lasting protection.

Difenoconazole inhibits sterol synthesis and therefore prevents fungi membranes formation. It offers preventive, systemic, and curative activity, and shows excellent crop safety. And it controls or suppresses seed-borne, soil-borne, and early-season foliar diseases.


Therefore, King’s CropArmor ensures vigorous growth and, ultimately, yield consistency, through long-lasting broad spectrum control of soil-borne and seed-borne pathogens, and reliable performance on root promoting.

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The concentrate of King’s CropArmor is a proven formula that has been used for many years. It forms a stable, uniform film on the seed, allowing for even coating and coloring. The coating dries quickly and adheres well on the seeds. It does not negatively affect the life or respiration of the seeds.


Instead, the seed treatment with King’s CropArmor offers an eco-friendly solution that helps increase plant stand and vigor during the critical early stage of growth, maximizes yield potential, and reduces post-emergent pesticide applications.


Treated seeds offer an eco-friendly solution by promoting healthy crop growth, maximising yields, and reducing post-emergent pesticide or fertilizer applications. It also helps farmers make significant savings on labor and input costs.


King’s CropArmor gives your crops the best start.


Since 2003, King Quenson has been thriving to introduce the latest technologies to agricultural industries and farmers to achieve mutual development and prosperity. With years of dedication and rich experience, King Quenson devotes more than 20 years to crop protection and offers solutions.


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