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King’s DF, an innovator of pesticide formulation type!
2024/4/30 16:12:11

King's DF, an innovator of pesticide formulation type!

A pesticide formulation is the homogeneous and stable mixture of active and inert (inactive) ingredients that forms a final pesticide product.

The active ingredients in a pesticide are the chemicals that control the target pest.

The inert (inactive) ingredients are used to dilute the pesticide or to make it safer, more effective, easier to measure, mix, and apply, and more convenient to storage and handle.



Recently, pesticides (formulated products) are required to satisfy higher safety to both human beings and the environment, higher biological efficacy, lower price, and labor-saving.

With the advanced formulation technology, new types of formulation are developed.  


King’s DF (Dry Flowable) is an advanced formulation type which produced by wet crushing and high tower spray-drying granulation technology.


King’s DF provides good performance on disintegration ability. From the pictures, we can see that King’s DF is disintegrated very fast once into the water while the conventional WDG performs quite different. The solution of King’s DF is stable and homogeneous while WDG granules sink to the bottom. 


During practical use in the fields, WDG solution usually needs to be stirring or shaking for longer time after put the granules into water. While King’s DF is easier to use because it can be disintegrated and dispersible fast by itself.


Apart from disintegration ability, King's DF also provides many other advantages,


The particle size of King’s DF is very small, the fineness of King’s DF after dilution is around 1-5 microns. Good fineness property improves dispersibility, suspensibility and efficacy significantly. Dilute solution will not precipitate, agglomerate or block the nozzle. 


The solution of King’s DF forms a fine protective film which evenly adheres to the crop surface. The protective film can increase the efficacy and resist rain erosion.

King’s DF solution can fully contact each part of the leaf surface to improve efficacy of the active ingredient and ensure longer protection.


King’s DF has good safety to crops and less phytotoxicity. King’s DF also has good safety to user and environmentally friendly.


King’s DF, an innovator of pesticide formulation type!


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