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Based on FAO’s estimation, each year, worldwide crop loss is $220 billion USD or 14.1% due to plant diseases. During the long history in plant disease control, protectant fungicides play a very important role. Firstly, protectant fungicides prevent new infections from occurring, while they typically offer broad spectrum control for many different pathogens by multisite modes of action. On the other hand, protectant fungicides can help slow or reduce the chances for fungicide resistance development.

In global markets, well known protectant fungicides are Mancozeb, Chlorothalonil and Copper compounds.


Now we recommend another protectant fungicide, KING’S CAPTAN.


KING’S CAPTAN contains the classical ingredient Captan but promoted by the new producing technology.


KING’S CAPTAN provides effective control of a wide range of fungal diseases from occurring on numerous crops.


KING’S CAPTAN is the protectant fungicide but also have curative action.


KING’S CAPTAN is free of metal ion, which is much safer and no harm to crops and soil. It breaks down in soil in 1-10 days and in water it only lasts hours.

KING’S CAPTAN has low toxicity class: WHO (a.i.) U and WHO Hazard colour band is green. It is practically nontoxic to birds and bees.


KING’S CAPTAN has a very low of resistance development due to its multi-site activity on fungal pathogens. It is often tank mixed with single-site fungicides to help with resistance management


KING’S CAPTAN has the effective control for 15-20 days which is much longer than the common protectant fungicide only for 7-10 days


KING’S CAPTAN has flexible application methods and good compatibility with many other fungicides, and it can control both aboveground diseases and soil-borne diseases.


KING’S CAPTAN improves the appearance and quality of fruits by stimulating crop growth and promoting wound healing on fruit surface. It is also used for extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.


To meet the food security and environmental challenges in the mid-twenty-first century, providing the excellent fungicides with effective performance but reasonable price to farmer friends is very meaningful.


So far, European Commission already published the notification about the non-renewal of the approval of the active substance Chlorothalonil and Mancozeb, meanwhile Copper compounds are restricted the use to a maximum application rate of 28 kg/ha of copper over a period of 7 years (i.e. on average 4 kg/ha/year).


In 2022, the active substance Captan has got the renewal of the approval for 15 years in EU, the valid date of the approval will be from 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2038. It means KING’S CAPTAN will have more opportunities to help farmer friends for disease control and protect their crops.


KING’S CAPTAN, an excellent choice of protectant fungicide.


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