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Five Signals Indicate That Crops Needs Foliar Fertilizers
2022/8/25 14:08:10

Five Signals Indicate That Crops Needs Foliar Fertilizers

Foliar fertilizer application is an efficient and fast-acting way with low dosage to increase yields and prevent problems due to nutrient deficiencies. However, in areas, foliar fertilizers are often applied incorrectly or sub-optimally. Today, we’d like to talk about that when is the right time to use foliar fertilizers. In fact, there are five signals indicate that crops needs foliar fertilizers.


1. Root Senescence

In the late growth period of annual crops, the root vigor declines and fertilizer absorption ability decreased. At this time, the root topdressing cannot meet the needs of crops, and it is suitable to choose foliar fertilizer.

For example, in the late growth stage of cotton, the root system is gradually aging and the ability to absorb nutrients is weakened, while the middle and upper cotton bolls are still in the enrichment stage and still need a certain supply of nutrients. Through scientific spraying of foliar fertilizer, it is conducive to the absorption and utilization of fertilizer by cotton, which can supplement nutrition, prevent premature aging, inhibit diseases, etc., to achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.


2.  Crop Nutrient Deficiency

When crops have shown symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, if we choose soil fertilization, it needs time to be absorbed by the crops, and the deficiency symptoms of crops cannot be relieved in time.

At this time, foliar fertilization is better. The advantages of fast absorption of foliar fertilizer can be fully exerted, so that nutrients can quickly enter the plant through the leaves and solve the problem of lack of nutrients. For example, when vegetables lack certain trace elements, the plants are dwarfed, and the leaves turn yellow. If foliar spraying fertilizer is used to supplement these trace elements, these deficiency symptoms can be relieved in time, which is better than soil topdressing fertilizers, and the utilization rate is high.

Potassium deficiency                                   Calcium deficiency                              Magnesium deficiency

3.  Harsh Environment

When the soil environment is unfavorable to crop growth, such waterlogging or drought, or the soil is too acidic or alkaline, these conditions will cause crop roots to absorb nutrients blocked, and crops need to quickly recover growth, then it is necessary to take foliar spraying fertilizer, in order to quickly supplement nutrients to meet the needs of crop growth and development.


4. Supplementary Elements

Some fertilizers such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, zinc fertilizer, are easily fixed by soil colloid adsorption if used for root application, reducing the effect of use. The use of foliar-spraying will not be limited by soil conditions, and has the advantages of less fertilizer, quick effect, high utilization rate, safety, no pollution and so on.

5.  Fertilization Inconvenience

For the crops covered with plastic film and the plots without drip irrigation belts, it is difficult to use soil topdressing when the amount of base fertilizer is insufficient. In this case, foliar spraying fertilizer is needed to supplement the needs of nutrients.

However, some deep-rooted crops have relatively little absorption of some nutrient elements, and traditional fertilization methods are difficult to apply to the root system and cannot fully exert their fertilizer effects. Foliar fertilization not only saves the amount of fertilizer, but also reduces soil and water pollution, which is an effective fertilization technology.


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