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  • Brodifacoum
    Tech Grade:95% TC
    Formulation:0.005% Bait

    Application:Brodifacoum, like most anticoagulant poisons, has the advantage that one of its first effects is dehydration, forcing the rodent to move away from human habitation in search of water. As a result there is less chance that homeowners will encounter a dead rat inside their property. In any case, dehydrated bodies also dry out more readily, possibly leaving an odorless, carcass.

  • Bromadiolone
    Tech Grade:98% TC
    Formulation: 0.005% Bait

    Application:Bromadiolone is the anticoagulant raticide with wide application range and high efficiency, is the ideal drug for mouse exterminating. It prohibits the creation of fibrin ferment which solidifys of blood need, so as to cause poisoning and bleeding. Mortality is over 98%,

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