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  • Hexaconazole
    Tech Grade:95% TC

    Application:Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Control of many fungi, particularly Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, e.g. Podosphaera leucotricha and Venturia inaequalis on apples, Guignardia bidwellii and Uncinula necator on vines, Hemileia vastatrix on coffee, and Cercospora spp. on peanuts. Also used on cucurbits, peppers, bananas and other crops.

  • Iprodione
    Tech Grade:96% TC
    Formulation:50%WP,500g/L SC,255g/L SC

    Application:Contact fungicide with protective and curative action. Inhibits germination of spores and growth of fungal mycelium. Control of Botrytis, Monilia, Sclerotinia, Alternaria, Corticium, Fusarium, Tilletia, Pellicularia sasakii, Phoma, Rhizoctonia, Typhula spp., etc. Used mainly on cereals, rice, cotton, oilseed rape, vegetables, fruit trees, berry fruit, vines, sunflowers and turf.

  • metalaxyl
    Tech Grade:98%TC

    Application:Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action absorbed through the leaves stems and roots. Control diseases caused by air- and soil- borne Peronosporales on a wide range of temperate subtropical and tropical crops. Foliar sprays control air-borne diseases caused by Pseudoperonospora humuli on hops Phytophthora infestans on potatoes and tomatoes Peronospora tabacina on tobacco Plasmopara viticola on vines Bremia lactucae on lettuce and downy mildews on various vegetables. Soil applications are used to control soil-borne pathogens causing root and lower stem rots on avocado and citrus. Seed treatments control systemic Peronosporaceae on maize peas sorghum and sunflowers as well as damping-off of various crops.

  • Ningnanmycin
    Tech Grade:40%TK

    Application:Ningnanmycin is a kind of agricultural antibiotics fungicide (bio-source fungicide) produced in China. It is green and environmental friendly low toxicity low residue and no teratogenicity mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. It has high efficacy against powdery mildew on wheat vegetables and flowers as well as Rice Sclerotium oryzae Olive leaf spot(Spilocaea oleaginea (Cast.) Hugh) Gloeosporium olivarum Alm especially Rice Bacterial Leaf Blight (Xanthomonas oryzae). The efficacy against Rice Bacterial Leaf Blight (Xanthomonas oryzae) could reach 90%.

  • Copper oxychloride
    Tech Grade:98% TC

    Application:Foliar fungicide with preventive action. Control of late blight of potatoes tomatoes and other vegetables; leaf spot diseases of beet celery celeriac parsley olives currants and gooseberries; downy mildews of vines hops spinach and ornamentals; canker and scab of pome fruit and stone fruit; scab canker and melanose of citrus fruit; asparagus rust; peach leaf curl; shot-hole of stone fruit; cane diseases of raspberries and blackberries; leaf spot and leaf scorch of strawberries; anthracnose and blister blight of tea; leaf spot and downy mildew of cucumbers and melons; bacterial diseases of lettuce; etc.

  • Mancozeb
    Tech Grade:90% TC
    Formulation:80% WP

    Application:Fungicide with protective action. Control of many fungal diseases in a wide range of field crops fruit nuts vegetables ornamentals etc. More frequent uses include control of early and late blights (Phytophthora infestans and Alternaria solani) of potatoes and tomatoes; downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and black rot (Guignardia bidwellii) of vines; downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis) of cucurbits; scab (Venturia inaequalis) of apples; Sigatoka (Mycosphaerella spp.) of bananas and melanose (Diaporthe citri) of citrus.

  • Difenoconazole
    Tech Grade:95%TC

    Application:It is a systemic fungicide with a novel broad-range activity protecting the yield and crop quality by foliar application or seed treatment. Provides long-lasting preventive and curative activity against Ascomycetes Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes including Alternaria Ascochyta Cercospora Cercosporidium Colletotrichum Guignardia Mycosphaerella Phoma Ramularia Rhizoctonia Septoria Uncinula Venturia spp. Erysiphaceae Uredinales and several seed-borne pathogens. Used against disease complexes in grapes pome fruit stone fruit potatoes sugar beet oilseed rape banana cereals rice soya beans ornamentals and various vegetable crops.

  • Kasugamycin
    Tech Grade:70%TC

    Application:Kasugamycin is the mextabolites of Actinomycetes microaurous fermentation produced in industry. It is a systemic fungicide and bactericide with protective and curative action. Inhibits hyphal growth of Pyricularia oryzae on rice preventing lesion development; comparatively weak inhibitory action to spore germination appressoria formation on the plant surface or penetration into the epidermal cell. Rapidly taken up into plant tissue and translocated. In contrast against Cladosporium fulvum on tomatoes inhibition of sporulation is strong but inhibition of hyphal growth is weak.

  • Kresoxim-methyl
    Tech Grade:98%TC

    Application:It is a fungicide with protective curative eradicative and long residual disease control; acts by inhibiting spore germination. Redistribution via the vapour phase contributes to activity. Control of scab in apples and pears (Venturia spp.); powdery mildew on apples vines cucurbits and sugar beet ; mildew scald net blotch and glume blotch on cereals; mildew on vegetables.

  • Propiconazole
    Tech Grade:95%TC

    Application:Systemic foliar fungicide with a broad range of activity. On cereals it controls diseases caused by Cochliobolus sativus Erysiphe graminis Leptosphaeria nodorum Puccinia spp. Pyrenophora teres Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Rhynchosporium secalis and Septoria spp. In bananas control of Mycosphaerella musicola and Mycosphaerella fijiensis var. difformis.